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Indoor Short Mat Bowls Carpet

Product ID: SEC8_28
Indoor Short Mat Bowls Carpet.

Mat is 45 long x 6 wide and come pre-marked

Mat only, accessories available additionally

Price excl. VAT: 834.50 (1,001.40 Inc. VAT)
(approx 1,043.13 USD) (approx 959.68 EUR)

Short Mat Bowls Starter Set

Product ID: SEC8_29
Short Mat Bowls Starter Set.

This set includes all equipment needed to get started with short mat bowls

Price excl. VAT: 1,226.50 (1,471.80 Inc. VAT)
(approx 1,533.13 USD) (approx 1,410.48 EUR)

Biased Indoor Carpet Bowls

Product ID: SEC8_30
Biased Indoor Carpet Bowls.

Biased indoor carpet bowls

4 x brown and 4 x black

Price excl. VAT: 311.10 (373.32 Inc. VAT)
(approx 388.88 USD) (approx 357.77 EUR)

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