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RPole 180 Portable Pole Dance Mat for Home or Studio

Product ID: RPole180HOME/STUDIO25/50
RPole 180 Portable Pole Dance Mat for Home or Studio.

Fits the RPole
Lightweight - Folding - Portable - Durable - Versatile - Smart

For Home or Studio use

1800mm (5' 11") diameter

Foam infill of high quality closed cell, cross-linked, expanded polyethylene with excellent shock absorbent properties for extra cushioning in the event of a fall 25 mm (1") thick mat or optional 50mm (2") thick mat for a maximum fall height of 2 metres on either

Heavy duty polyester-reinforced PVC outer cover safe for use with heels and dance shoes

Circular mat that folds up into quarters for storage or transportation

Carry handles

Total weight 6kg

Wide range of colour combinations to choose from

Optional Anti-Slip Base

Mat Thickness, 25mm (1") or 50mm (2"):
1st Panel Colour:
2nd Panel Colour:
3rd Panel Colour:
4th Panel Colour:
Optional Anti-Slip Base:
Price excl. VAT: 151.91 (182.29 Inc. VAT)
(approx 189.89 USD) (approx 174.70 EUR)


Product ID: RPole180STUDIO
RPole 180 Studio Mat, 100mm (4"), 150mm (6") or 150mm (8") Deep.

RPole 180 Studio Pole Dance Safety Mattress for Home or Studio use

1800 mm (5' 11") diameter

100mm (4") - 150mm (6") - 200 mm (8") thicknesses

Foam infill of Flame Retardant polyurethane extra cushioning in the event of a fall

Heavy duty polyester reinforced PVC outer cover

Circular mat in two half-circle sections, securely attached with commercial-strength Touch and Close fastening

Carrying handles

Available in a wide range of colours

Optional Anti-Slip Base

Mat Thickness:
Optional Anti-Slip Base:
Top Panel Colour:
Bottom Panel Colour if Anti-Slip Not Required:
Mat Side Panel Colour:
Price excl. VAT: 197.41 (236.89 Inc. VAT)
(approx 246.76 USD) (approx 227.02 EUR)

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